Thinking Upside Down Living Right Side Up

Thinking Upside Down Living Right Side Up


40 Amazing Life Transforming Stories from Ordinary Individuals, NO MATTER what their circumstance or obstacle – The way they have thought in their Life is How They have Lived Their Lives. Stories from a variety of people including a former NFL football player, musician, the mom next door to the manager at Costco. This Book will Empower, Inspire and Transform You. Your life will not be the same.

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quote1 If you’re looking for powerful stories that will inspire you and convince you no dream is impossible, then read thisdelightful book.quote2 

- Jack Canfield, Co – author of Chicken Soup for the Soul ® and The Success Principles


Bardi Toto - Tucson, Arizona - the Morning Blend!
Thinking Upside Down Living Rightside Up – “The Morning Blend”, Tucson, Arizona

Forward By Dr.Michael Bernard Beckwith ( Featured Teacher in the hit Movie The Secret)

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Endorsed By Les Brown, Marie Diamond, Greg S. Reid,  Kristine Carlson, Janet Switzer, Dr. John Gray, Jack Canfield, and Stedman Graham

Les Brown

Les Brown

“In Thinking Upside Down Living Rightside Up,  Bardi Toto has assembled a remarkable collection of real stories from everyday people who have chosen to step into their greatness and lead extraordinary lives. Through their wisdom and willingness to share their triumphs and failures, these amazing people will touch and inspire countless lives. This book is a must read!”
—Les Brown, Top Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach, and Best-Selling Author

gregreidThinking Upside Down Living Rightside Up, is Uplifting, Inspirational and a must read. Incredible stories from ordinary people who have lived extraordinary lives. The way you think is definantly how YOU Live!
—-Greg S. Reid,Author, Motivational Speaker and Filmmaker

Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond

Bardi Toto is definitely an extraordinary woman with a big vision. From the moment I met her I could see her shining light and I know she was going to make a big difference in the world. This book helps you to gain insights how you, an ordinary person, can live an extraordinary life. Bardi will support you in making this happen with her wisdom and the stories she is sharing.
—–Marie Diamond, Featured teacher in the hit movie,
“The Secret”

Kristine Carlson

Kristine Carlson

“When we shine our light and love as brightly as we possibly can, we give permission for every other human being to do the same thing. “Thinking Upside Down, and Living Rightside Up” shows us that we are all full of the same stuff and each of us can live an inspirational life!
—-Kristine Carlson, Don’t Sweat the small stuff for Women

Celebrities who Love Thinking Upside Down Living Rightside Up

Janet Switzerand

Janet Switzer



Janet Switzer and Bardi Toto




Stedman Graham



Stedman Graham and Bardi Toto



Dr John Grayand

Dr John Gray



Dr. John Gray and Bardi Toto



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